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I'm Ruxanda, 25, from Moldova. My blog is everything that interests me at the moment. Thanks for stopping by.

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fuckedupdotcom replied to your post: fuckedupdotcom replied to your post: It has come…

so it could be one of those that are lost somewhere. i’ll try to do some digging.

She says she remembered about the video when she saw the picture posted today (the one you gave me) Apparently she didn’t see it on youtube but on M6, a French tv channel (circa 2008).  She is from France. She remembers Larry telling Laurent what he wanted to cook and Speedy watching them, and then Laurent wanted to go but Larry told him to wait and taste what he was preparing. 

  1. spookywade said: hmmm okay let me try to find it.
  2. mymojosodopeme1 said: omg this is so excitin to watch then. We need this in our lives
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