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At any given time, I can fall asleep within two minutes.
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It’s okay. I understand what you mean. I felt a little empty after watching it and knowing it was over. But a part

I know exactly what you mean. And that’s the main issue here, that you can’t help but want more of that. 

But objectively, I think the positive outweighs any negative sensations, which will certainly fade in time ;)

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I thought they might’ve accepted the deal because they wanted practice being “live” so they weren’t nervous about being live on the show. This is just a theory.

Could be that too, sure.

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I agree! I got the feeling Bård was pretty annoyed with the 24 hour concept. I really haven’t seen much of it, but it’s like every chance he gets he will bash the idea. And when Magnus wakes him up and wonders if he’s quiet because he’s mad.. Idk.

Nope, it didn’t seem like he was very ecstatic about it. But then again, I trust that at this point in their careers, they wouldn’t commit to something they were absolutely against. I think they viewed it more as an experiment, a research type of thing. Maybe they were interested in the feedback, maybe they had some barter deal with VG. I doubt they’ll ever do it again, though. 

actually Bård doesn’t strike me as a purely positive type of person. :P

That’s true. I remember in some interview or something, they were saying Scandinavians are depressed and Vegard pointed to Bård and said “this guy” (correct me if i’m mistaken).. What I meant is, that I think he is very down to earth and rational. He, himself admitted he wouldn’t want to watch his favorite artist for 24hrs live. “It would ruin the magic” I wish I was that self-composed and rational about things. 

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vixxe how so? What do you mean?

I am not sure if the thrill and high you get while watching it is worth the emptiness you feel when it’s taken away from you. Do you know what I mean? It all quite depends on the type of person you are. I am highly susceptible to such things, therefore it’s taking me some time to go back to normal. 

But if you’re a Bård-ylvisåker-down-to-earth kind of person, these things ought to be purely positive, free of any unpleasant side-effects. 


I’m watching this and at some point Vegard tells Bård to shut up and a bit later Bård finds the comment/tweet “Vegard you’re like a meter tall don’t tell people to shut up”.

Even when I watched it the first time, I was kinda uncomfortable with how completely unamused he seemed by the comment… Actually made me wonder whether he got that it was a joke..?

It actually did come across like he was unamused. And not only then, but when they read other tweets that were jokingly insulting them. Kinda gave me the feeling like they felt disappointed and confused, as in “we’re exhausted working our arses off, and we get this shit in return” …. but maybe that’s just me.

As an Ylvis fan, who doesn’t speak Norwegian, watching the VG livestream is both the most frustrating and exhilarating experience ever.


All four little intro clips from Spotify with English subtitles!

Ylvis says welcome [Norway]
Ylvis about Trucker’s Hitch [Norway]
Ylvis greets Sweden
Ylvis greets Demark

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Please, what’s the timestamp on this moment? Been trying to rewatch it, but I can’t remember when it was…

Here  at 7:58 give or take.


Tbh I’m kinda upset Calle didn’t take off his pants for Calle’s Minutt like he did in rehearsal


I mean come on now


faaaaabulous !


faaaaabulous !

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